Kilimanjaro National Park Fees 2024

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Kilimanjaro National Park Fees 2024

Understanding the Kilimanjaro National Park Fees

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a dream for many adventure seekers, but they are often surprised by the high cost. This is largely due to the mandatory Kilimanjaro National Park fees, set by KINAPA (Kilimanjaro National Park Authority). In this article, we will break down the components of these fees and explain what discounts are available.

What Makes Up the Kilimanjaro Park Fees?
The latest Kilimanjaro National Park fees for 2023/2024 can be found here. These fees include six main components.

1. Conservation Fees
The conservation fee is charged per day per trekker and goes towards protecting and maintaining the National Park. This fee is $70 per day and applies to every day spent inside the park.

2. Camping Fees
Except for the Marangu route, all other routes on Kilimanjaro use public campsites. The National Park charges a daily fee of $50 per trekker for the upkeep of these campsites.

3. Hut Fees
The Marangu route is the only route with hut accommodation, and the National Park charges $60 per trekker per night for the upkeep of these huts.

4. Rescue Fees
This fee of $20 per trekker per trip is charged by the National Park, whether or not a rescue is needed.

5. Crater Camping Fees
If you plan on camping inside the crater of Kilimanjaro, an additional $100 applies per trekker per night.

6. Guide and Porter Entrance Fees
The National Park charges $2 per support crew member per trip for guides and porters.

Include VAT
A Value Added Tax (VAT) of 18% is also applicable to all park fees.

Calculating the Total Park Fee
To calculate the total park fee, simply add up the relevant components based on the route and number of days. For example, a 7-day Lemosho route hike would have a park fee of $955.80 (conservation fee of $490 + camping fee of $300 + rescue fee of $20 + VAT).

Popular Route Fees
For easy reference, here are the Kilimanjaro park fees for popular routes:

- Marangu 5 days: USD 719.80 per trekker
- Marangu 6 days: USD 873.20 per trekker
- Machame 6 days: USD 814.20 per trekker
- Machame 7 days: USD 955.80 per trekker
- Lemosho 7 days: USD 955.80 per trekker
- Lemosho 8 days: USD 1097.40 per trekker
- Rongai 6 days: USD 814.20 per trekker
- Rongai 7 days: USD 955.80 per trekker
- Umbwe 6 days: USD 814.20 per trekker
- Umbwe 7 days: USD 955.80 per trekker

Payment of Park Fees
Only registered tour operators can pay the park fees, and they are usually included in the total tour cost.

Discounts Available
There are discounts available for children, national residents and ex-pats, and East African citizens. These are as follows:

- Children under 16: $50 discount on conservation fee per day and $40 discount on camping fee per night (no discounts for hut or rescue fees)
- Tanzanian residents and ex-pats: 50% discount on conservation fee (no discounts for camping, hut, or rescue fees)
- East African citizens: up to 90% discount on all fees (requires valid passport from specified countries)

In summary, the Kilimanjaro National Park fees are a significant part of the total cost of climbing the mountain. Understanding these fees and the available discounts can help you plan and budget for your Kilimanjaro adventure.


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